Allison McFadden

05 September 2022

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Keeping Family Decisions in the Hands of Families

Many people start out the divorce process determined to stay out of court, wanting to resolve the matter on their own. In their ideal world, all of their divorce and custody issues would be resolved by agreement, and they would never have to set foot in a courtroom.  There would be no airing of dirty laundry, or mudslinging, in an effort to get a leg up in litigation.  Parents would be the ones making decisions about their children, not judges.  Families would be funding their retirement and college accounts, instead of emptying them to pay for expensive court battles.

But unfortunately for most, their reality turns out differently.  With heightened emotions and stress for all involved, even slight disruptions cause the train to jump the tracks.  Disagreements happen and tempers flare, miscommunications and listening to bad advice from well-meaning friends and family cause even more conflict, or things aren’t moving at the desired pace, and the notion of working together as co-parents flies out the window.

A Different Path Forward

But there is a different path forward.  Remember that divorce does not happen overnight.  Before taking any drastic action it is important to educate yourself on your options, and find professionals who can provide you with the support you need to be successful.  Through the work done in divorce and co-parenting coaching sessions, you will gain the perspective to determine what is truly important to your family and create a plan to achieve those goals without expensive and lengthy litigation.  I will work with you to develop strategies for effective communication, co-parenting, and decision making, allowing you to confidently move forward, focused on what matters most.  It is possible to divorce and co-parent differently, with better communication and less conflict.

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