Parenting Apart: A Path to Cooperative Co-Parenting

Parenting Apart: A Path to Cooperative Co-Parenting in Divorce & Beyond.  In partnership with Howard County Office of Children and Families, Presented by Allison McFadden, Esq., CDC on January 30, 2023.

Join me on January 30th – I’ll be hosting a free workshop through the Howard County Office of Children and Families all about parenting plans and co-parenting!

This online workshop for parents who are facing divorce and separation, and want to learn how to create a parenting plan that minimizes conflict and promotes a positive co-parenting relationship.

The workshop will provide general background information regarding co-parenting and divorce, including a review of terms such as custody, physical custody, legal custody, tie-breaking authority, parenting time, decision making, parenting plans, right of first refusal, etc.

Participants will learn about what to consider when coming up with an access schedule that is best for your children, and provided with resources to help you create a schedule that is best for you family.  We will review some of the considerations that go into coming up with a parenting schedule, as well as how to handle holidays, summers, special events, extracurriculars, and last minute emergencies.

We will also review how to navigate some common issues and decisions impacting children which arise during divorce and separation, such as talking to your children about divorce, introducing new partners, navigating a new relationship, and creating and maintaining boundaries.

Parents will leave with skills and strategies for effectively communicating and co-parenting during a difficult transition, as well as resources for ongoing support and assistance.

You can register for this free, online event here.

Want to learn more about parenting plans? Learn more about how we can work together by signing up for a free call.

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