10 Mar

Transitions are Tough

Divorce is a major life transition, with each member of the family facing unique challenges.  There are many areas where children have to adjust, new schedule, new home, new school, new family members, etc.  Then there are all the new transitions that children adapt to on an ongoing basis, as they go between homes.  Even […]


8 Dec

What is co-parenting?

If you have children and are going through a divorce or separation, co-parenting is an issue that must be addressed if both parents are going to remain involved in the children’s lives. Before we get into why co-parenting is important, and how it works, I want to get clear on what “co-parenting” is so we […]


27 Nov

Dealing with Difficult People in Divorce

How do you deal with the difficult people in your life, those who thrive off of conflict?  We all have them, whether it is a co-worker, a neighbor, or someone in your family.  Difficult people are hard to deal with in your everyday life, and even harder to deal with when going through a divorce […]


6 Sep

Fear knocked on the door. Love answered, and no one was there. Old Irish Proverb

Old Irish Proverb


5 Sep

Keeping Family Decisions in the Hands of Families

Many people start out the divorce process determined to stay out of court, wanting to resolve the matter on their own. In their ideal world, all of their divorce and custody issues would be resolved by agreement, and they would never have to set foot in a courtroom.