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Providing Support and Guidance

Deciding to Divorce

Helping you gain perspective, discover your true desires, educate yourself on your options, and help you create a path forward, whether that is divorce, or improving your relationship with your partner.


Divorce Differently

Learn how you can remain in control of your divorce and your family’s future. The divorce process can be overwhelming, but Allison helps you focus on what matters. She will partner with you to create a roadmap forward, based on the insight and perspective gained during the coaching process.


Co-Parenting and Communication

Divorce is only the beginning when you have kids, and minimizing conflict is critical for the long term. Allison will help you establish strategies for remaining focused on the wellbeing of your children, while also effectively communicating with your co-parent.


Meet Allison

As a divorce coach, I use a research based framework, tools and my experience practicing as a family law attorney for the last decade, to help parents take control of their divorce experience, and make the best decisions possible for their families.


Change your Thinking, Change your Life

March 25

Divorce Without Court – How Mediation Can Help

Reaching an agreement with your ex about all the issues stemming from your marriage, or relationship, can allow you to bypass the nasty court battle, and move on with your life with dignity. But how do you reach an agreement? If you are unable to agree, or don’t know where to start, what issues need […]

March 10

Transitions are Tough

Divorce is a major life transition, with each member of the family facing unique challenges.  There are many areas where children have to adjust, new schedule, new home, new school, new family members, etc.  Then there are all the new transitions that children adapt to on an ongoing basis, as they go between homes.  Even […]

January 23

Parenting Apart: A Path to Cooperative Co-Parenting

Join me on January 30th – I’ll be hosting a free workshop through the Howard County Office of Children and Families all about parenting plans and co-parenting! This online workshop for parents who are facing divorce and separation, and want to learn how to create a parenting plan that minimizes conflict and promotes a positive […]

December 8

What is co-parenting?

If you have children and are going through a divorce or separation, co-parenting is an issue that must be addressed if both parents are going to remain involved in the children’s lives. Before we get into why co-parenting is important, and how it works, I want to get clear on what “co-parenting” is so we […]

November 30

Divorce – Where to Start?

So, you are considering or facing divorce – where to start? Divorce challenges the safety, predictability and meaning of pretty much every part of our daily lives.  For most, it is overwhelming to think about how a potential divorce or separation will impact you and your family, much less where to start.  By thinking through […]



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